Camera calibration - Do I need camera calibration?

Camera pre-calibration is not a must for our processing, but when existent, it will improve the scene reconstruction. We use Brown's camera calibration model (D. C. Brown, 'Close-Range Camera Calibration', Photogrammetric Engineering, vol. XXXVII, no. 8, 1971, pp. 855-866).
If possible you may want to provide us with the following parameters:
  • fx, fy: focal length values in mm or pixel units
  • cx, cy: position of the principal point in mm or pixel units
  • k1, k2, k3: radial distotion coefficients
  • p1, p2: tangential distortion coefficients
If you have no calibration parameters at hand, internal self-calibration during processing will take place and the parameters will be estimated.