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For a complete product list with product-codes, data formats and short descriptions, please look here.

Digital Surface Model

Digital Surface Models (DSM)

Digital surface models describe the terrain including surface objects such as buildings, trees, bridges, etc. Our standard output formats are:

Vector data formats:
  • Autocad DXF, triangulated mesh with height value for each node
Raster data formats:
  • GeoTiff, 32 bit floating point, optional TFW file
  • SAGA Grid
If you need another data format, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide numerous other file formats too, eg. ESRI ARC INFO Grids or ESRI File Geodatabase.

Ortho image mosaic

Image mosaics

We convert your images into seamless image mosaics. If you just need a nice image for your office, there is no need for precise georeferncing and we recommend standard JPG Format for output.

Georeferenced ortho-image mosaics can be delivered in all formats supported by the geographic data abstraction library (GDAL). Furthermore ESRI ArcGIS file geodatabase image catalogues (managed and unmanaged) can be provided.

Please note, that you need to provide proper reference data for georeferencing (GPS recordings of camera positions, ground control points or survey data).

We recommend GeoTiff with optional TFW File as our standard output. Data for large areas will be cut into a suitable set of seamless image tiles.

Image maps

Image Maps

Image maps are ortho-image mosaics with a nice and sophisticated cartographic outfit. Just let us know your preferred paper-size and orientation.
Our standard layout comes with the following map elements:
  • All text in Arial or Sans Serif, with varying text size according to map format and map element
  • Coordinate frame
  • Graphical and numerical scale
  • Legend box with map title and explanations according to your data
  • Your company logo, if supplied
  • Optional north arrow
We can provide the following output formats:
  • Ready-to-print PDF
  • Rasterized maps in JPG, TIF, PNG Format
  • ESRI ArcGIS Map Document file (MXD), bundled with your data
Please let us know, if you have special needs for further customizations of the map layout.