• + Mapping Ipameri, Goias, Brasil, 700 images, 10 megapixel +
  • + Mapping 200 km powerlines, Chile, 367 images, 50 megapixel +
  • + Mapping alpine river valley, Italy, 435 images, 12 megapixel +
  • + Mapping stock-piles, Brasil, 1200 images, 14 megapixel +
  • + Mapping farm-land, Brasil, 600 images, 10 megapixel +
  • + Successfully tested mosaicking TETRACAM MINI MCA images +
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AEROGIS Image Processing Services - because your images are unique!

AEROGIS - powered by GISCAT - converts your digital metric or non-metric aerial photos into sophisticated value-added digital products like ortho-mosaic images, detailed 3D-surface models and highest quality maps.

If you have a big bunch of images, but neither camera GPS recordings, nor IMU attitude measurements - there is no need to get worried!

The AEROGIS procedures for scene reconstruction are streamlined to this kind of "uncontrolled" conditions using the latest cutting edge multicore CPU and GPU techniques.

Up to now we have successfully processed great numbers of images covering a broad range of digital camera types including consumer compact and system cameras, professional DSLR cameras as well as multispectral images from six-channel TETRACAM imaging sensor and from professional photogrammetric systems like ULTRACAM or HASSELBLAD.

As you see, your image data do not have to meet any extraordinary specifications for our processing.
That is, because we handle your flight missions and imagery as what they are - unique.